1. Choose Your Offer


Pick your offer for Doggie Places members from the following:

  • 10% off Food
  • 10% off Bill
  • Free night stay for a dog
  • Dog stays free
  • Free breakfast for one owner
  • Free dessert for one owner
  • Free Tea or Coffee (Cafes only)

If you have a different offer in mind please email listings@doggieplaces.co.uk

Submit Your Listing

2. Submit your listing


Submitting a listing on Doggie Places is incredibly simple, we’ve made entering the details of your business super easy.

Alternatively you can contact us and we’ll do all of the form filling for you.
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3. Sit Back and Relax Whilst Your Business Is Approved


Once we have received your listing submission we will review the details, once we are happy with your listing we will pop them on the website and app.

4. Get more business


We are currently working to grow the Doggie Places brand. We are attending trade shows throughout the UK you’ll receive lots of traffic as a result of being on our site. We’re committed to increasing traffic by making it the only destination for Doggie Places.